Dental hygiene tips for a healthy smile

December 21, 2020 by Jacob

Correct tooth brushing- This is one of the simplest ways to achieve a healthy smile. Make sure you start by using a soft toothbrush. Medium and hard bristled toothbrushes are too damaging on your gums and teeth. Choose one side of the mouth to start on and position the toothbrush on a 45 degree angle close to the gum line. Now work your way around to the other side of your mouth using a small, gentle, circular motion. You want to ensure that you can feel the bristles of the toothbrush massaging your gums as well as cleaning your teeth. This technique is also used for the backs of our teeth where our tongue sits. Don’t forget to brush the chewing surfaces of your teeth as well- this can be done by using a back and forth motion. Cleaning your tongue with your toothbrush is also essential to remove bacteria that build up. Make sure you brush two times daily for two minutes each time.

Flossing- Flossing is another simple and effective way to make sure your gums and teeth stay healthy. Flossing is essential as it removes food and plaque that accumulates in between your teeth where your toothbrush cannot reach. If this build up is not removed, it can cause gum disease and dental decay. There are a variety of tools that can be used to floss including string floss, floss picks, interdental brushes and water flossers. It really doesn’t matter what tool you use as long as you’re flossing once a day. Ideally, floss before you brush at night time to remove food and plaque that has accumulated during the day and to allow fluoride toothpaste to get in between your teeth when you brush.

Fluoride toothpaste- As Charters Towers water supply does not contain fluoride, it is really important that you incorporate fluoride toothpaste into your oral hygiene regime. Fluoride is a naturally- occurring mineral that is found in water, vegetables, soil and rocks. However the amount of fluoride found in the foods we eat is not enough to protect our teeth. This is why fluoridated toothpaste is needed. Some patients may need more than the average amount of fluoride that is contained in store bought toothpaste. This fluoride is prescribed in dental clinics.

Dental check-ups- Regular care and prevention of diseases is the key to obtaining a healthy smile. Dental practitioners perform a thorough examination of your head and mouth at each check-up. X-rays are also used at this appointment as diagnostic tool that aids in the diagnosis of dental decay and periodontal disease. Usually at this appointment, a clean also takes place to remove calculus and plaque that builds up. A fluoride treatment may also be given to help strengthen your teeth.

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