Utilising Invisalign in Charter Towers, Toothcare – We Care can help patients of all ages straighten their teeth without having to put up with unsightly braces. We specialise in Invisalign braces to treat misaligned teeth in patients of all ages. This virtually invisible solution is the world’s most advanced digital orthodontic treatment and is custom made for our patients 

What is Invisalign

Invisalign braces are made out of a clear, plastic material that’s moulded into the shape of your teeth. After an initial scan or impression, a series of removable aligners are made. Each series of aligners are worn everyday for two weeks before being replaced with another series, which gradually move the teeth gently into place. They are custom fit and virtually invisible which makes them a popular choice for those who are self-conscious about undergoing orthodontic treatment. 

How does the process work?

You will begin with a consultation, during which we will assess whether Invisalign is a suitable option for you. If it is appropriate, we will create a customised treatment plan and take a mould of your mouth, from which your aligners will be constructed.

Once the aligners are delivered to us we will arrange continuous follow-up and monitoring appointments, to deliver the very best results. 


It’s fairly common to experience some tenderness or sensitivity for the first few days of wearing a new aligner. However, the more you wear the aligner the more comfortable they become.  

That depends entirely on the treatment goals you set with your doctor and the amount of correction that needs to be achieved. Poor oral hygiene and poor compliance with the recommended daily wear schedule can increase treatment time and affect the quality of the results. 

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